“All the philosophies and worldviews of the world can be condensed down to this: Either there is a God and He matters and His Word is Truth or there is no god, he doesn’t matter and there is no such thing as objective truth. How we live that out identifies exactly what we really believe.”
— Dan Burrell

I’m Baaaack!

Whirled Views is back!  After a lengthy period of infrequent posting and even being offline altogether for several months, I reached a crossroads as to whether I was going to close Whirled Views permanently or was going to give it the attention that is necessary to be a successful internet voice in a day when so much competes for our collective attention.

I decided to give it a shot.

But there will be changes – or as I prefer to think of them…Improvements.  Here’s what you can expect:

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1.  Challenging Commentary

In my 15 years of blogging, I have gained a reputation for being a no-nonsense commentator on just about any topic that is relevant in our culture.  While some blogs are focused on one particular segment of life – religion, family, sports, news, health, etc…, you won’t find that at Whirled Views.  The title is a reflection of how my mind tends to work – like a whirlwind.  I enjoy consuming great quantities of information from a wide variety of perspectives. 

As an ardent Christ-follower, family man, professional educator, political junkie, ministry-driven, apologetics studying, long-time married, missions loving, travel loving, over-thinking, history buff, current event follower, armchair philosopher, Midwestern, Type-A dude with strong opinions who loves to write, I can assure you that “whirled” is an accurate descriptor for what you will find on this site.

Sarcasm is my love language.  My students will tell you that I intentionally strive to “poke people in the brain”.  I can be controversial. If I find myself on a band-wagon, I immediately look for a way to jump off of it.  I appreciate healthy debate that is sharp, but not personal. I invite critical thinking and positive alternatives.  I’m old enough be seasoned and young enough to still be sassy.  If you are timid, only want to have your current positions affirmed or frankly, are easily offended – you probably shouldn’t bookmark my page or subscribe to my feed.

But you can be assured that there is always a method behind my madness, not meanness.  I will employ every literary device that I can find to make my case and to force you to make yours back, if you disagree.  I hope you’ll understand my heart and my motivations.  I don’t expect you to always agree with me – I just want us to sharpen each other spiritually, intellectually and philosophically.

2.  Interesting Podcasts

This will be a new feature at Whirled Views.  In the next few weeks, we’ll be producing regular podcasts featuring interviews with leading experts and important voices from across the country, interesting conversations on hot topics and discourses on various worldview matters.  Over nearly 35 years of ministry and travel, it has been my privilege to meet some of the most interesting and exciting people on this planet and I look forward to introducing you to many of them.  Please plan on subscribing to my Podcast and letting it make your morning commute or evening jog a little less tedious and hopefully, a bit more enjoyable.

3.  Occasional Video Logs

In this day of Facetime, Facebook Live and a camera on every phone, I am going to take advantage of this technology to provide occasional live commentary and quick information dumps.  Initially, these will be largely informal and off-the-cuff, but if they catch on…we might just expand them to something more regular.

4. Important Partnerships

You’ll notice a completely new look to this website.  This will hopefully be a site where you can spend some time on a regular basis and mine new and interesting material.  I want it to be interactive and I hope you will participate in feedback, conversations and comments whenever possible.  I also want to introduce you to friends, colleagues and influences whom I would like to introduce to my guests.  From books to websites to guest articles and more, I want you to connect with others whom I think will challenge and encourage you.  There will be some advertising on the site moving forward to help me defray the costs of a blog such as this, but I will do my best to keep the look as clean as possible.

So, here we are!  Take some time to look around and explore, and please share this with others.  Follow me on Twitter and join the “Whirled Views” page on Facebook.  Finally, feel free to send me your suggestions.  I look forward to what the future holds!

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